Monday, December 5, 2011

Illustration Friday: Brigade

I was inspired by Cindy D to do a process post of my own this week. Here's how a doodle of some capering carrots turned into a finished piece.

Original sketch:

I rediscovered these guys while flipping through an old sketchbook and thought they deserved a little more attention. I then played around with adding a fourth carrot friend and putting them on a hill rather than on flat ground:

My husband commented that they looked like they were part of a carrot army (though that last one is showing an appalling lack of discipline), and I agreed that it might be more fun to draw them all scattered about. So I transfered them to tracing paper and moved them around until I found positions I liked:

Then all that was left was to figure out the colors and materials! This ought to have been easy, since for a while now I've been concentrating on a mix of colored pencils, soft pastels, and conté crayons, and I was also pretty sure that the carrots ought to be orange, the sky blue, and the grass green, but I managed to make some ugly stuff before arriving at this:

And then- taa-daah!- carrots on parade!


  1. Hooray for progress pics (and thanks for the mention)! I totally love these carrots and their flowing hair/greenery. They look so happy. Love the teeny village in the distance, too. Encroaching vegetation! All the poses are super cute. (Will there be a follow-up with leeks or parsnips? Are they going down the hill for a brawl with some turnips?)

  2. Beautiful! The carrots look great and I love that you put them marching down the hill, toward a village.

    Such great details, and they really build a story from the picture. I really appreciate the way you took us through the process, that was great to read.

  3. Nice work - love the finished piece! I wonder where a bunch of carrots would be headed to in such a hurry?

  4. Running carrots! Wonderful! A carrot race? This is cute, clever, and original.

  5. I love the undisciplined carrot at the back. It looks like it's having so much fun!

  6. How interesting to see (and hear about) the process! The carrots look so happy and full of happy anticipation -- maybe they're going to a fun birthday party for a BEET!

  7. Cool illustration and I enjoyed following you through the process.